Rescue Alternatives Liberia annual Report 2015

This year annual report is a result of the Rescue Alternatives Liberia (RAL) commitment to inform the general public and the international community on the activities undertaken by the organization during the year under review. The production of the annual report is also one of the organization major activities through which its donor partners and the general public can be informed on the group general activities.

The report catalogued all activities of RAL including national, regional and international conferences, meetings, workshops attended. Also in this report are updates on prison monitoring exercises conducted, follow up on human rights violations and abuses reported in the electronic and print media, workshops and community policing forums organized among others.

The report contained RAL observations on issues that are contributing to human rights abuses and violations, and recommendations intended to address those issues identified for the benefit of the country and its people.

Please see the report in details

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Human Rights Situation Report 2015

This human rights situation report is a result of the Rescue Alternatives Liberia (RAL) commitment to inform the general public and the international community on the human rights situation in Liberia. During the year under review, RAL monitored, investigated, documented and reported human rights abuses and violations to relevant agencies for redress.

During the monitoring exercises, RAL’s monitors visited police stations, depots, prison centers and communities. The monitors also talked to community leaders, residents, witnesses, law enforcement officers and others to gather balance information.

Within the period of one year, there were several human rights abuses and violations that took place in the country. These acts were both carried out by state securities and other individuals in the country.

The report catalogued all abuses and violations, couple with observations and recommendations. Some of the issues cautioned in this report include: security use of excessive force; mob justice; prisoners rights violations among others.

However, some of these cases of abuses and violations were forwarded to court while some were never addressed, thereby leaving the perpetrators (especially state security personnel) to go unpunished. Below are some of the cases of human rights abuses and violations documented by RAL.

Please see the Human Rights Situation Report

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RAL Releases Annual Report 2014

Rescue alternatives Liberia (RAL) is a national human rights, anti-torture and death penalty advocacy NGO that has being monitoring, investigating, documenting and reporting human rights issues in Liberia since 1994. RAL is a participating member of several international and national groups.

This Annual Report is in fulfillment of RAL’s obligation to document and highlight rights violations and abuses over the year and other project and general activities. This report also provides opportunity to national and international actors to get the clear understanding of the works of RAL.

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RAL Releases its 2014 Human Rights Situation Report

This Human Rights Situation Report is Rescue Alternatives Liberia (RAL) obligation to provide information on human rights violations and abuses to national and international stakeholders and the general public for them to have an insight on Liberia human rights landscape.

The report also contains observations and recommendations made to relevant institutions and the Liberian Government aimed at addressing those issues identified during the visitation and/or monitoring exercises.

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Liberian Prisons Still Remain Harsh

prison report cover- front Rescue Alternative Liberia (RAL), has released its first quarterly prison report in Monrovia under the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) supported project: “ Promoting the Rule of Law Reform” The report details prevailing prison conditions in the Monrovia Central Prison, Gbarnga Central Prison and the Saniquelle Central Prison. The report is an account of prison visitations and monitoring exercises conducted by the Rescue Alternatives Liberia during the period of August – October 2014.

The prisons’ administration, capacities, inmates categories, gender, conditions in cells hygiene, medical and health care, food clothing and bedding were among others monitor.

According to RAL’s release, Liberian prisons and detention centers remain harsh and difficult for human habitation. Prisons’ sanitations are very poor; rehabilitation/correctional activities are lacking; medical services are limited in some prisons while it non-existed in other holding centers; correctional officers has limited or no logistics for the smooth running of prisons;. Inmates remain vulnerable to the contraction of diseases including Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), malaria, cold, rashes (skin disease), etc; and prisons are overwhelmed with overcrowding, mostly with pre-trial detainees.

Meanwhile, RAL recommending to the Liberia Government five (5) counts recommendations that seeks to improve the country’s prison sector:

1. The Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation be giving autonomous status to be able to control its budget for the greater improvement of the prison sector;
2. Rehabilitation program be put into place in all prisons so that inmates can acquire skills that will make them productive when they are released;
3. Medical services be established in all prisons to provide services to inmates;
4. Logistical support be given to Correctional Officers for smooth operation; and
5. All prisons should be equipped with Ebola prevention materials for the safety of inmates and correctional officers as well as visitors. See Report OUR HANDICAP PRISON SYSTEM.

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RAL, LICHRD Release Report on the West Point Shooting

DSC02136 On Monday, 3 November 2014, Rescue Alternatives Liberia (RAL) in collaboration with the Liberia Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (LICHRD) released its findings of an investigation conducted on human rights violations in West Point during the 10-day quarantine of the community. On 20 August 2014, the Liberian Government declared a quarantine of the largest slum community in Monrovia. There were numerous human rights violations carried out by armed soldiers and police, including the use of excessive force, torture, extortion of money, etc. See Report…

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