RAL Releases Human Rights Situation Report 2016

The production of this year human rights situation report is the continuation of the Rescue Alternatives Liberia (RAL) determination to update the citizens of Liberia and the international community on the human rights landscape of Liberia.

During the year under review, RAL intensified its monitoring and documentation exercises after UNMIL turned over security of the state to the Liberia Government.

During the exercise, RAL’s monitors visited several communities, prison facilities, police stations and depots and other detention centers. Also RAL’s monitors monitored print and electronic media and followed-up to ascertain the authencities of these media reports for balance information.

The report catalogued documented cases of several human rights abuses and violations and crimes in the country. Cases documented in this report include: rapes, murder, security brutalities corruption, mob justice amongst others.

Meanwhile, RAL as an organization shared this report with relevant security institutions for information sharing and correction. The report is also shared with other international institutions and diplomatic missions accredited to Monrovia to be informed of the Liberia human rights situation report during the year under review and for reference.

Please see the Report in Details.

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